Provider banks

The developer portal is the focal point for all TPP access to PSD2 solution and APIs, which are provided by BEC on behalf of our ASPSP tenants. The developer portal provides documentation and up to date information, including

  • Documentation and release information about individual APIs
  • Background documentation on the security solution, authentication flows etc
  • Information and support on TPP onboarding

Apart from the Developer portal, the PSD2 APIs are available in two environments:

  • Sandbox: A mocked environment allowing easy access to APIs to test integration with security- consent- and SCA flows as well as business functionality of APIs. Sandbox enforces the same security model and TPP access control as in production and follows the same onboarding flow. When onboarding to sandbox, either test- or producton EiDAS certificates can be used. Normal test should be done with test certificates, but onboarding with production certificets to sandbox allows a TPP to test that the "real" certificate will validate.
  • Production: Real production APIs working on live production data. Access production APIs is strictly limited to authorized TPPs with proper license to operate as a AISP, PISP or CBPII under PSD2 in Denmark. A (one time automated) onboarding step is required for TPP to register certificates and validate license to operate as an AISP, PISP or CBPII

Currently the portal can be reached as a "shared" BEC solution - that is not tied to any specific bank - as well as a branded portal per bank. But Production- And Sandbox APIs on the other hand are always strictly separated to work on the specific banks. The APIs are exposed on distinct (per bank) endpoints, and separate onboarding is required for enabling access on a per bank basis.

In summary, all the banks covered by BEC's PSD2 solution are summarized below with information on the url/endpoint to use for accessing production APIs, sandbox APIs and the developer portal.

For a full description of URL schema in production and sandbox, follow the linked pages.


BankProduction URLSandbox URLPortal
Hvidbjerg Bank A/
Nykredit Bank A/
Andelskassen Fæ
Danske Andelskassers Bank A/
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken,
Frøslev - Mollerup
Totalbanken A/
Spar Nord Bank A/
Maj Bank A/
Deprecated banks   
Salling Bank A/S (November 2021)
BIL Danmark, filial af Banque Int. à Luxembourg SA (October 2021)
Den Jyske Sparekasse A/S (October 2021)